Taking control of your security will save you money in the long run.

Installation costs

The cost of installation will depend on your site needs – the size of your site, the number of rooms and doors your site has, and whether you already have a system installed. Our no obligation, free site visit will provide you with a quote for the installation. Request a free site visit today.

Base plan


Alarm system



per month


Available add-ons


Guarding Service

Base plan plus


per month

Manually call a guard in response to an alarm or have the system call a guard automatically.


Cellular Backup

Base plan plus


per month

Enable a backup cellular connection from your site to the cloud.


All pricing excludes GST

Base plan includes

Arm & disarm

Arm & disarm from
your phone

Add users

Add, edit &
remove users

Incident reporting

Incident reporting
& notifications

Respond to alarms

Respond to &
action alarms

Late to arm

Late to arm

Arm history


Unsecure alerts

Open window &
door alerts


Smartphone security


Local offline access
through Bluetooth

Back-up power

Back-up power

Cloud storage

Cloud storage &
auto updates

Free support

Free on-going

Get started, request a free site visit today