Cellular Subscription Add-on

Expect the unexpected

Power outages, infrastructure failure and natural disasters are examples of events that can impact the internet connection of your site. For this reason, we created the Cellular subscription add-on, a package designed to keep your system online.

The Cellular subscription add-on introduces a 4G router into your kit, capable of establishing an internet connection. Should your primary connection drop when you weren't expecting it to, the router will automatically re-connect your system to the cloud.

Rest easy knowing you will always remain connected to your site.


Stay in control

While the Gallagher Co-Pilot system is designed to remain secure in an offline state, the Cellular subscription add-on keeps you in control by re-connecting you to your site. This allows you to receive, respond and act upon any incident alarms that may be raised, all in real time through the Gallagher Co-Pilot app.

Staying informed about the status of your site gives you the information you need to make the right decisions for your business, regardless of an unexpected event.

No hidden fees or costs

The Cellular subscription add-on incorporates everything you need into one package. Data usage costs and sim cards are inclusive, meaning there are no extra fees or unwanted surprises.

How it works

Connection drops

Internet connection drops due to an unexpected event, such as a natural disaster.

Router reconnects

The router automatically re-establishes a connection with the cloud, keeping your site on-line

Notification sent

The app will notify you when the site loses internet connectivity and when it automatically re-connects

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