Cellular subscription plan


The Gallagher Co-Pilot Cellular Kit contains all of the hardware of the Base Kit with the addition of a 4G Cellular Router. The router acts as an emergency internet connection, automatically reconnecting the Gallagher system to the cloud servers should the site lose traditional internet connectivity.

The router makes use 4G technology to ensure a fast and reliable connection is maintained at all times. All data usage costs are incorporated in to the Cellular Back-up Subscription Add-on, meaning there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Expect the unexpected

Your cellular kit is always ready to re-connect your system, should your site face internet connectivity issues. In an unexpected event, such as a power outage, your internet connection may be disrupted. Should this occur, the included router will automatically re-connect your site to the cloud, ensuring your site stays on-line. This will allow you to receive, respond and act upon any incident alarms that may be raised during this disruption, in real time.

Rest easy knowing you have full control of your site at all times, regardless of an unexpected event.

Keep your business safe, regardless of its location

The router uses 4G technology, which allows businesses in remote locations to use the Gallagher Co-Pilot system. If your business lacks internet connectivity, or suffers from a poor quality connection, the cellular kit may be able to resolve these issues.

The installed 4G router establishes an internet connection using the same cellular reception as your mobile device. This allows a site in a remote location to connect to the cloud and run with full functionality, including live alarm notifications and on-demand guarding. 

The cellular kit allows you to protect your site, anywhere, anytime.

How it works

Connection drops

Internet connection drops due to an unexpected event, such as a natural disaster.

Router reconnects

The router automatically re-establishes a connection with the cloud, keeping your site on-line

Notification sent

The app will notify you when the site loses internet connectivity and when it automatically re-connects

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