No more PIN codes

Forget the frustration of your staff continually forgetting their PIN codes.

The Gallagher Small Business app replaces an alarm keypad and removes the need for PIN codes. Instead, you’ll activate your alarm simply yet securely from your mobile phone, eliminating entry and exit delays which generate false alarms.

Know who has access to your alarm

A security system might not be much help if every past employee still has an active alarm code.

Gallagher Small Business makes it easy to add, edit and remove users, and manage exactly which parts of the building they can disarm – even temporary users like contractors and cleaners.

Respond to alarms

An alarm going off is never ideal but deciding what to do next won’t be a problem.

With Gallagher Small Business you’ll get notified as soon as an alarm is triggered and be provided with the information direct to your mobile. You’ll then be able to decide whether to silence the alarm and close the incident – if you know why the alarm went off – or request a guard to check out the situation first hand.

Guard on-demand

If it’s not a false alarm, you need a guard on demand, and you need to know what happens next.

Instead of waiting for a monitoring company to organise a guard, you can request a guard call-out directly from your Gallagher Small Business app. Or, if you miss the alarm notification, the system can call one for you.

It’s all about having different options so that you can respond in the best way possible when your business is at risk.

Cloud storage

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Let Gallagher Small Business help you protect it.

User data is stored and backed up in the cloud, which means there is no software, servers or databases to purchase or maintain, and no on-site IT service or support needed. Automatic backups and continuous updates protect you against cyber-attack.

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