COVID-19 Update: Security is considered an essential service, even if security services are being provided in relation to a premise for a non-essential service. For this reason, new Gallagher Co-Pilot systems can continue to be installed. We are currently operating in Auckland and Waikato. See here for further updates.

Guarding Service


Stay safe – leave it to the professionals

Going to your site when there is an incident can be really unsafe – you don't know what you'll walk into. Leave it to the professionals and have a guard on-demand with the Guarding Service subscription add-on.

We've partnered with First Security to offer a reliable guard call-out service. If an alarm is activated on your site and you request a guard call-out, or you have the auto guard call-out activated, First Security will respond to the alarm, check out your site, call the police if needed, and provide you with a full report. You'll be updated at each step through the Gallagher Small Business app, and have full transparency of what's going on.

Site visit

First Security will visit your site prior to installation and create a personalised response plan.

Respond to an incident

When there is an incident on your site and you request a guard call-out, or you have auto call-out turned on, a guard will quickly respond and check out your site.

Receive your report

You will receive updates from the guard through the app including their final report. An invoice for the call-out will follow.

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